Five year plan

We stopped working as Hostel Managers and took over Sakskøbing Camping in 2007. That was the beginning of our five year plan. When the campsite closed each winter, we took the opportunity to travel.

That first December in 2008, one month after Liva’s birth, we drove our secondhand Mitsubishi Space Star, down through  Europe.

A year later, we rented a camper in Chicago USA, and drove for nearly five months through the west part of America.

In 2010 we wanted to experience a real summer. So we went to Bali, Indonesia for a month. From there we went to Australiawhere we borrowed a bike from Lars’ friend Ross, bought one more, and everything else for our two month bike trip through Australia.

Liva turned three and it was time to go skiing in 2011. From Seattle, USA, up through Canada, and down to Breckenridge ski area in USA. We skied for two months, before returning the camper in Chicago after a total of four and a half months traveling.

The last trip in our five year plan, was to backpack through South America 2012-13. Before we came to Peru, we had a stopover in USA again. For 16 days we drove, hiking and sleeping in Great Smokey Mountains NP, together with black bears. Arriving in Peru, we went through Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, to the most southerly city in the world, Ushuaia.

UshuaiaUshuaia, the most southern city in the world.

2 thoughts on “Five year plan

  1. I think you have to update your 5 year plan, it seems to be going on and on and your recent travels have certainly exciting. 2015 should be a wonderful year. Wishing you good health and safe travels. Until we meet again, Chris and Betsey, B.C. Canada

    1. Hi Chris and Betsey, you are right, but it did mention that South America was the last journey in the 5 year plan 🙂 Right now we don’t have any plans. We’ll just see what is going to happen? 🙂

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