Peru-Bolivia-Chile-Argentina 2012-13

We went backpacking for four months through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. An amazing trip, with lots of great experiences. Traveling with small kids was a door-opener, it was easier to talk with the local people, and people were very helpful. We still travel outside the normal tourist routes, and it wasn’t a problem with the kids.

Here are some highlights in pictures:



Tiuri og Liva both happy climbers, we also have our own equipment and climbing trees at home.


Fascinating…… to see a cowboy work with his dogs.

DSC_1830 (2)

Lars on a morning run up to a lake in 4400 m north Peru.


A Canadian couple own a bed and breakfast , ‘The lazy dog inn‘.  The money they earned went towards the local people. One of the projects was a local school. Tiuri and Liva went to that school the three days we were there, great experience.


Liva og Tiuri are feeding evening dinner. 🙂


We went to visit Carlos og Nancy, and had the traditional Peruvian dish guinea pig.  Great for us and our kids to see how they live and how ‘many’ toys they have in Peru.


Kids work from an early age, here is at kid on the way with two donkeys and a pig.


Boat trip to the poor man’s Galapagos Island, Islas Ballestas in Peru


We charted a little plane, for the four of us to fly over the fantastic Nazca lines.


Many places in Peru you will see Inca ruins, incredible how they could build with the mega big stones.


Close to Machu Picchu, we went on a hiking trip. This long ladder had to be climbed, a nerve racking climb.


Lars had two days off, and climbed Mt. Chachani in 6075 m. A big achievement for Lars.


Breakfast after the first night, on our three days hike through Colca Canyon


Zip lining in Bolivia, with up to 80 km. an hour.DSC_5067 copy


Lake Titicaca i ca. 4000 m.

DSC_5470 copy



We drove three days in this 4×4, in the southwest corner of Bolivia


Saw many Flamingoes


And a fantastic salt desert.


In Chile we bought a tent, so that we had an alternative sleeping option in the high season.




Our hostel owner in Valaparaiso took us with him on a day trip.

DSC_6972 copy

The highest geysers in the world, Le ratio at 4200 m. and the third largest in the world


Akili family, the highlight of the trip, we travel together for three weeks. Have a look at there website


We rented a 4×4 camper in Santiago to go to Punta Arenas in Chile, on the first day we got stuck. It tock almost an hour before we were free again. Good teamwork!


The kids had a great time together with two boys six years old and two girls four years of age, perfect. Photo Fabrice

Icefall 3 copy copy

Perito Moreno glacier, super fantastic experiences


Most of our nights in the camper and tent were free and in beautiful locations.


Lots of dirt roads in the south of Argentina and Chile



Another great camp



South Chile was one big nature experience after another




One of the views on our three day hike in Fitz Roy national park, Argentina

DSC_0448 copy lilleFitz Roy NP, a place that we would like to come back to.


In Ushuaia, the most southern city in the world, we got snow.

Fireland copy


The foxes were almost tame


We saw penguins on the southern point of south America

DSC_0991 copy

It was a great experience traveling down through South America, good food, nice people and awesome nature.
If you are looking for information on Peru, Bolivia, Chile or Argentina, you are more then welcome to contact us.

We also do illustrated talks,, Click here

4 thoughts on “Peru-Bolivia-Chile-Argentina 2012-13

  1. Hey looks like it was a great adventure.
    I’m going to Peru in June but I’m taking my daughter around the world for her education changing countries and continents. Looks like you had a good experience with extended travel with your kids. My daughter will be 7 when we take off later this year. Still not completely sure where to start. What are some things to expect and things you didn’t expect or things that you’d adjust?

    1. Hi Jason, sounds like a great plan!!

      We found out that traveling with kids enriched and opened doors for us. Would we did found out that you travel on a different pace with kids (roughly do half of what you would do normally 😉 ). Go and have fun, and give her her own camera.

  2. Hello!
    What a beautiful trip! My friend and I are at the very early stages of planning our trip to South America. The idea is to travel to the exact same countries as you did for 3.5 months. I’m glad I came across your blog! Would you mind sharing more info on the budget we should allocate for each country? Also, I’m very curious about the prices for campers.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Sarah, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. We stayed at middle standards hotels in Peru and Bolivia. We were eating out every day, sometimes on the streets other times in local restaurants, very seldom in high end restaurants. When we got to Chile and Argentina, we stayed in hostels and made our own food. This way our living cost where about the same, 1300 euros per month for the family. Including everything, transport, food, tickets and tours. Renting of the 4×4 in Chile comes next to it. Campsite in Chile were expensive so we often just stayed of the beaten track, never had a problem. We often tried to do things our own way and as cheap as possible. 😉 Bolivia we had more luxury (very cheap) Chile we were more careful ( most expensive country).
      Can’t remember the rental price (but expensive compared to the USA) in Chile we found a reallocation, which was great and good value.

      Have a great trip,

      Life is good 😊Lars

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