USA 2012

We had a stopover in Atlanta, USA, before our trip down through South America. We went up to Great Smoky Mountains NP for two weeks, and saw the amazing autumn colors. On this trip we rented a car and slept in a tent.

Here are som highlights:

Great Smokey Mountains copy

There is a reason why is called Great Smokey Mountains


We went to see Coca Cola’s secret recipe, Atlanta is Coca Cola’s home town.


And you could drink all the Cola you wanted + about 60 other kinds of soda that Coca Cola produces.


Great Smokey Mountains National Park,

DSC_0935 (409)

The most visited national park in USA,


And Autumn is high season, with the beautiful colors.


Here is the car we rented and the tent we bought.


And  we bought a bear-spray. There were lots of black bears in the area, so we had to think about food in the tent and so on.


Had a talk with a Redneck, and got his stories. A very proud Redneck, and his motorcycle gang.

DSC_0620 (203)

DSC_1170 (564)

Kids ice creams USA size


We were lucky to see two black bears, here is one up close.

DSC_1373 (691)


Once again, we visited USA, this time in the south-east corner. This was the fourth time in four years, we like USA, but would never live there. There way of living is very different from ours, especially in the south’s states. I had a talk to a campground owner, who told me this: ‘I love my gun, god and I hate Obama’

We love to tell about our trips, and if you would like to hear  more about it press here. All of our picture are also for sale. Just send us a mail

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