Europa 2008-09

This trip was shortened by two weeks; Suzi went overdue with Liva and delayed our departure.

In the beginning of December, we packed our newly bought Mitsubishi and started our trip down through Europe. First we saw Suzi’s family in Holland, and then we flew to Lanzarote and back. We celebrated Christmas and New Year in Denmark and Holland, before driving to Paris and the south part of Spain near Granada. From Spain we drove to Southern France, we also had a week skiing in Switzerland, before returning through France to Denmark.

This trip proved to us that kids are not the reason to stop traveling, and that really small kids are easier and it is relatively easy to move around. But of course, you have to take certain precautions, and things take longer.

Highlights from the trip:

DSC_8408 copy

Bigbrother with Liva one month old.

Isplante mellem sten! copy

We had winter and summer on this trip, here ice winter in Holland.

Cap coudalere copy

DSC_1789 copy

Two shepherd taking a rest in south Spain.

DSC_2497 copy

Next stop Africa

DSC_8366 copy

Crazy waves on Lanzarote

DSC_8401 copy

Salt extraction is always an experince worth seeing. We saw it in  Peru og Bolivia also.

Festival i Torvizcon 1

 We where lucky to be in Torvizcon bfor their annual olive tree festival, where they burn of the olive tree branches.

Festival i Torvizcon 4 copy

IMG_0431 copy

We had a week skiing in Switzerland, together with Lars family.

World cup ski Championships Val d’Isere II copy World cup ski Championships Val D'Isere 4 copy World cup ski Championships Val D'Isere 8 copyThis was the first big trip as a family and the beginning of our 5 year plan.

Do you have any questions about traveling with/without kids, you are more the welcome to contact us We love doing illustrated talks, See more here

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