Nobody has done it before, no one has tried to swim around Denmark. But it is nevertheless what I (Lars) intend to do this summer. 🏊

See how my mother reacted 😁😁😁


See our position and follow our adventure, every 10 minutes.

  • Can I swim? No, not really, approx. 50 meters crawl
  • Have I swum in open water before? Yes, 200 meters.
  • Am I an elite sports athlete? No
  • Am I an elite soldier? No
  • Is my mother coming with me? Yes, in a kayak. 😃

We support Julemærke Fonden & Depressions Foreningen, make a donation today.

or buy us a cup of coffee.

As you can read, the prerequisites are not so great, but the will and belief that we can succeed is strong. As we have said on our 7300 km long kayak trip from Copenhagen to Istanbul;

If you can paddle 10 kilometres, pitch your tent stay the night and copy that the next day. Then you will reach your goal, if you have enough time.

Two kayaks, Evia island

This picture is from our one and a half years expedition in two sailing kayaks.                              Our children were 5 and 7 years old at the start in Copenhagen.

Our plan is to start the 5 of June at 9 a clock  and swim approx. 1200-1300 km. from Vidå lock near the border close to Tønder (south west Denmark), up and around Skagen, from Mols to Zealand Odde (if possible), but probably down to Samsø and over to Zealand, then to Copenhagen, further south around Falster, over to South Funen and then end at the first border stone in Flensburg Fjord. The whole trip will last around 3-4 months, where I will daily try to swim between 10 to 20 km. My mother will be next to me, kayaking and will also be the oldest person to kayak around Denmark.

map of Denmark


We will stay in tents, possibly, caravan if my dad is with us, but we hope to meet a lot of nice people along the way, who might want to take us in for a single night.

Depressions foreningenJulemærke fonden
We support the Julemærkefonden and DepressionsForeningen. I have been teased at school and had to move school. Still remembering how I stood and cried in front of the school, thinking about hiding and then go home again when the school was over. My mother has been struggling with depression for many years and has been hospitalized several times. In addition to this, both my little brothers have struggled with depression. That’s why it makes sense for us to support these two amazing organizations that make a big difference in peoples life. And unfortunately, their work is probably not less relevant in the future.

The reason we go is to get a real adventure in Denmark. You can ride a bike or run Denmark quickly but to swim Denmark, it’s wild. 😳 Then we both, my mother and I, thought it was time we got together on a real adventure. Suzi and the children would like to have a summer in our house, so it fitted perfectly. I hope, however, they come out and greet us along the way. 😉


The Hobie kayak that my mother will use on the trip. The picture is from our trip around Møn

I’m training a lot at the moment, have just been in Sweden where I met the amazing Kerstin Nordén (IronWoman), who is training for the Ironman world championships in Hawaii. I’m very pleased that Kerstin will help me with this huge project and it has already made a big difference in my swimming style. (I had no style, now I have one 😉) If you like to learn to swim longer with less effort, see more on Kerstin’s website

It’s a huge project and beside raising money for the Julemærkefonden and DepressionsForeningen, we hope to find sponsors who can help with our equipment and/or expenses of the trip. Write or call if you want to support us.


Logo Simstart

Kerstin is an amazing person and a very strong Iron-women. If you want to learn to swim, go to Sweden. 😃


We need energy, GOOD energy, Rawbite is the perfect solution!


Denmarks biggest online shop for swimwear, and owned by the young and energetic Daniel. We are proud to work together with Watery.


Again is Gustav, Martin and Lars, helping us. Last time was on our one and half years expedition, where we received lots of help. Awesome to have them back on the team!



Hobie has been our loyal sponsor on our one and half year kayak expedition, we love their kayaks, top quality, that’s why they are with us again.


Good and healthy food is important on this big adventure, thats why Nyborggaard is helping us.

sundterapi-med-tagline (1) (3).png

Lars will help me keep my body in perfect shape. 💪


Mugiro is developing body protection gear. Im going to wear their swimsuit neck protection, so I will avoid chafing.




Microsoft Word - Dokument 1 has everything in musicinstruments, sound and light. They are fast, reliable and have a great service.


Tyr, is among the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands, really awesome that I will be able to use their swimsuit for the challenge.


One of the worlds biggest and best kayak gear producers.


A fantastic train adventure is over, thank you so much for following us, all your comments and likes made our day just a little bit better, THANKS!
View from the train, Bernina Express, Switzerland 2.JPG
29 days
+13000 km.
In roughly 70 different trains.
From the Highlands of Scotland all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in Montenegro.
Visiting 18 countries and 13 capitals.
Top speed 300 km.
Longest journey on one train was 13 hours.
Best service in the train was in England and on the Thalys.

Did five top ten scenic train routes in Europe:

• Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh (Scotland)
• Mallaig to Oban (Scotland)
• Carlisle to Settle (England)
• Bernina Express Chur (Switzerland) to Tirano (Italy)
• Beograd (Serbia) to Bar (Montenegro)

Bar in Montenegro.JPG
Slept in:

• 3 Bothy’s.
• 3 Train’s
• 5 nights in the tent
• 1 night by a really nice person in Glasgow
• Only payed for one night, in a hotel.
• 5 nights in bivvy bags;

Sleeping in bivvy bags ( a rain cover for you sleeping bag) was a very cool experience, one night by a castle, one in a cornfield, one on a mountain and one in the middle of Luxembourg. 😃
Get of the train and find a field to sleep.JPG
All the other nights were by friends and family, thanks for a great time. 👍

Of all the trains we took, only four were delayed and only ones did we miss our connection, so we had to change plans. Only ones, and that was in Scotland, did we had to stand up (in the luggage compartment), because it was chock-a-block!

Beside the Interrail tickets, we spend 400 euros on reservation fees (Eurostar and Thalys), 27 euro in taxi fees, 25 euro on busses and 8 euro on the underground train in Paris.

Thalys, very fast and good.JPG

For food, we had a small stove and cooked our own evening dinner, did go out a few times and ate twice on the train. Breakfast was muesli with milk or something from the bakery. For lunch we made sandwiches or visited the bakery again. Our total cost was under 2000 euros included food, extra transport costs, and overnight expenses. The #Interrail tickets are not included here.
View from the train, Bernina Express, Switzerland 4.JPG
We didn’t know that a train journey could be so cool, that some of the most beautiful places in Europe are only accessible by train and that it would be so relaxed. We truly recommend you to have a go, it is fun, easy, safe and a good environmental friendly way to get around. If we want our kids to enjoy the world as we know it, we really have to start doing something. So if you like traveling like us, try not to use airplanes to much, trains let you experience everything between where you start and your destination. Enjoy!!

Some places we just got of the train, walk a few minuts and found an awesome place to camp!!.JPG

DSC_1343After our beautiful sail trip through Greece, Italy and France, we started our Interrail trip through Europe. Starting in Marseille, we went to visit our friends in Bordighera, Italy.


Calanque just around the corner from Marseilles.


There is nothing like walking through an old Italian town with good friends…

And back to Marseille where we continued our way up north through beautiful France, spectacular Swizz and up through Germany to Holland.


First we thought we had to sit up all the way through the night, but we were very excited when we found out that the seats folds down completely. (Train though Germany)

To unload our sailing equipment and pack our camping gear, we had a stop-over in Holland with the family. From there we booked the Eurostar from Brussel Midi to London St. Pancras. This ticket is included in the Global Interrail ticket but you do pay the bookingfees.


Biggest challenge with an Interrail pass for all of Europe is where to go… 😃

In London we took the train to our friends in Wellingborough, and what a great train experience! First class traveling, is awesome with complementary drinks and food!


Trains in England and Scotland has some of the best service in all of Europe.

After Wellingborough we headed for the highlands of Scotland, o my, this is traveling by train on its best: amazing views!

Train to Kyle, little.jpg

It is difficult to get good pictures on a moving train, but the views are still phenomenal  😍


We stayed in Bothy’s in Scotland, an awesome system and free!! O.n a first-come first-served basis. Get the Bothy bible for more information and to support the Bothy system look here


Breathtaking campspots and, off course, what would a hiketrip be without noodles!


The Lookout Bothy, a popular spot, sharing with other hikers and seals…


Top of Isle of Skye and the view just in front of the Lookout Bothy


Corrour: a tiny station in the middle of nowhere, no roads, no houses just nature. But if you do want to stay: the signal-tower (the glass-tower just on the top right on the photo) would make for a very special experience.


The view behind Corrour station…



Another amazing spot to ‘wild’ camp, on the Island of Colonsay.


Colonsay with its pristine beaches.


Loch Awe, in awe we were.


Ribbelhead viaduct, on the lovely train journey from Carlisle to Settle (Photo – Pinterest)

What we really love about journeys by train is that it is one of the best and most environmental friendly ways to travel. And Interrail is not only for young people, everyone can enjoy an Interrail trip through Europe. Just go and have fun…

More information about Interrail look here

This adventure was special in many ways…


Unique places in Greece to anchoring for the night

First – Traveling together with very experienced adventurers, at almost 80 years old

Second –  Traveling in a way we never tried before, this time by sailing boat

Third – Going to explore +3000 years old silvermines in Greece

Fourth – This adventure took two hours to plan


On the top of Vulcano, the volcanic island north of Sicily.

One of the best things that happened to me (Lars) was in a ski area in Val D’isere, I was 25 years old and trying to become a ski instructor in France. I was skiing really well and kicking ass, if I can say that about myself. I entered a GS ski race and had the fastest time. But found out that the person who tested the run and set a test time, was faster than me and 50 years old. First I was very disappointed, later I thought that there might be a chance that I can ski this good, when I become 50 years old. And that was a fantastic thought!!


Philippe and Lars having fun in the mud.


Philippe enjoying going through the Corinth Canal.


Idhra a beautiful islands in Greece, without cars.


Sea Turtle, Liva and Tiuri went swimming with one, awesome experience. See a movie here


So I have always admired people a lot older than myself for going out there, enjoying life and having adventures!! It just gives me such an lust for life.


And our captain, always on deck when things are a bit rough.

That’s why I was very happy to team up with Jean Jacques (69) and Philippe (79), I wanted to get close to these ‘older’ adventures. What is their secret? And how do they stay so young? If you ask them they’ll say: “On the outside I might be old (they are surprised when I showed them a picture of themselves) but on the inside I’m still just 20”… They hardly ever say that I’m too old for this or I wish I was younger; they don’t think about it, they just do it!!

Philippe and JJ

Philippe to the left, Jean Jacques our captain on the right.

We were very excited about learning to sail a sailing boat, something we might be able to use in the future (…trip around the world, maybe…) To see if we would like it and if we could handle it.


The boat that came with us Kalymnos, with Marc and Christine onboard.


Tiuri and Liva was quickly learning to handle the rowing boat.


Suzi having fun navigation the boat up to Poros in Greece.


Dolphins jumping around Kalymnos



Kalymnos and Grain de sel 2 on their way to new adventures.

We really loved the sailing part, just using the wind. Unfortunately, because of the long distant that we have planned to sail, we used the engine a lot too. But gliding across the sea, just using the wind and without any noise, was just as fantastic as we had hoped for. And a lot more luxurious then traveling by kayak. Which is both good and not so good. Traveling very simple meant, meeting a lot more people and getting in touch with the locals on our kayak trip. Traveling by boat, you have everything, you stay on the water and talking to the local fisherman to get advice, is not necessary. Also people don’t stand ready with pizza and champagne on the beach when you arrive in a boat. 😉


On our kayak trip from Copenhagen to Istanbul, we ones in a wail got at big welcome: Mayors, champagne and pizza. 😀


Beside that we did get seasick in bad conditions and especially Lars was not handling it very well at times. This is a bit of a concern, especially if you have to be many days on the water…  But Suzi would just say ¨Get yourself together, are you a sailor or not¨


Big waves and up to 40 knots wind on our crossing from Sicily to Sardinia.



Our plan for this summer was just going for a week holiday to Greece and explore the mines around Lavrio…but when I had sent a mail to Philippe talking about Greece, he got all fired up and two hours later we…. or he had planned the whole thing.


The whole team, plus a few extra people, from left to right: Vasilis, Marc, Jean Jacques, Tiuri, Philippe, Suzi, Liva, Christine, Stavros, Lars. Vasilis was our guide in the mines and Stavros has a Kayak shop, Cannibals kayak house in Athens. He helped us on our kayak trip.



Vasilis working and finding minerals.



Vasilis fantastic collection of minerals.


The boat a Benetau Oceanis 320 and our Captain.


On the last day from Corsica to La Ciotat, we saw 7 Fin whales, unbelievable. 😮 See a movie here

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get”


Map made by our captain, Jean Jacques. Shows the whole journey and all of our stops and overnights.


Inspiration for sailing in the Mediterranean:

Go along with Armando Richard Addati, from Culture-sailing, to organize sailing around Sicily. Go with your own boat together with other sailing enthusiasts, experience the amazing island of Sicily and get close to the culture of the island.

Would you like us to hold a illustrated talks about this trip, contact us or book directly at:

Tajmer Booking & Management, Stig Hansen

Tlf: +45 46 15 37 00




More on Facebook…

There are many more updates on Facebook, have a look!!! and you don’t have to have a Facebook account to see it. 🙂

Livet er GODT følg os

Der er mange flere opdateringer på Facebook, se mere her!!! / There are many more updates on Facebook, have a look!!!

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Our first week swimming around Denmark, with pictures and text in Danish (use Google translate 😉)

Livet er GODT følg os

Vadehavet har været spændende, fascinerende og pisse irriterende.


De først 66 km er overstået og vi er havnet på Fanø, hvor vinden blæser kraftigt de næste par dage.

Vi kom rigtig godt fra start, mange var mødt op for at sende os afsted, hvilket var rigtig dejligt. Og helt vildt at radioen, avisen, en fotograf og hele to tv holde var mødt op. Senere kom DR nyheder til Sild for at filme igen, vi var på Aftenshowet over skype og finder senere ud af at stort set alle TV station, større aviser og radiostation har lavet et indslag om vores tur. TV2 Go’Morgen ringede dagen efter, det var lige den sidste vi manglede. 😉


Vi var begge utrolig spændte og lidt nervøse da vi svømmede/sejlede afsted, jeg havde inden start kun svømmet 7.5 km i et stræk og nu skulle jeg svømme 16 km for at komme til Sild. Dog…

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Track our way around Denmark here

Every 10 minutes our position will be updated, and you’ll be able to see the last 7 days tracking.

We hope to see a lot of people along the route, come and say hi, swim with us or bring your kayak.

Lets have an adventure together!!

map of Denmark

Our route swimming around Denmark

Our new adventure, Swim Denmark, is supporting DepressionsForeningens great work, helping people with depression. We are trying to raise 25.000 Dkr during our swim around Denmark.

Here we are my mum and I, at the Vidå lock, the place where the adventure starts…

We have made a donation site, please go in a make  A donation today. Together we can make a difference.

Our new adventure, Swim Denmark, is supporting Julemærke Fondens great work, helping kids to be kids again. We are trying to raise 25.000 Dkr during our swim around Denmark.

We have made a donation site, please go in a make  A donation today. Together we can make a difference.

Here we are my mum and I, at the Vidå lock, the place where the adventure starts…

Can you tell me what’s happening in the picture? It was the most dangerous situation on our one and a half years kayak expedition…

Sometimes life is like a movie and it seems totally unreal!

The same is true with dreams, but dreams can come true.

1: The first step to realise a dream is to tell it to family and friends. Talk to someone who you know will support you. 😃 Ones it is said out loud it is real, and you have taken the first big step towards success.

2: Talk to people who have tried something similar. If it’s not done before, get the information and advice you can get and make a plan!

3: Train/educate yourself if possible, find out what you can and can’t do. If you can’t prepare yourself, then start slowly, you’ll learn it along the way.

4: Investigate things into detail and try to imagine the worst-case scenario and lay down a plan for how to solve it.

5: Believe in your dream, see the goal and solve the small/big challenges as they come.

6: Do not be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

Once you are on your way, problems will arise that you didn’t see coming, but that makes and adventure an ADVENTURE!  As in the picture, taken in Italy, where the military shot 50 meters in front of our kayaks. Insane but true!

Need more inspiration to fulfil your dream, whether it’s an adventure or something completely different?! Then come to one of our lectures, go to or read our book.

Dreams that might sound completely impossible, can become real.





Ever since we first tried sailing, going from Italy to Greece and back to Italy, a new idea of using a boat to get around was born. We love using the wind and the freedom that sailing gives you. On the sea, you can go anywhere in the world!!


This is Lars in his Hobie next to Jean Jacques boat, back when we did our tour from Copenhagen to Istanbul.

So this summer together with boat-owner Jean Jacques and his good friend Philippe Clement both from France and people we consider our friends, will we sail over 2000 nautical miles in the Mediterranean Sea, and learn to sail a sailing boat. Plus their friend on another boat ‘KALYMNOS’ is coming with us as well.


Here is Marc on his boat Kalymnos with a little friend in the first days of the adventure.

The ideer came suddenly, one day I was writing to Philippe and told him about our plans for the summer. Staying home for most of the time but spending a week our two in Greece, having a look at old silver mines together with Vasilis.


I then wrote another mail to Philippe in fun; Phillipe why don’t we sail together from France to Greece look at the mines and then go back…

…Two hours later the adventure was planned!! It is dangerous being surrounded by adventurous people. 😃


Next to Tiuri is Jean Jacques and at the end of the table is Philippe, this is from inside JJ’s boat. This picture was also taken on our kayak adventure to Istanbul.

Plans never works out completely like planned but Lars is going to Procida in Italy and will sail with JJ and Philippe to Greece. Then Philippe goes home and Suzi and the kids are coming on board the boat to sail back to Marseilles in France.


The idea is to have a great time and learn to sail!!

Route med

Here is a very detailed description of our route, starting after the 17 of may, in French. You might as well get use to it 😉

DATE EVENEMENT LIEU D’ARRIVEE miles a parcourir Nbre hres a 4,5knts
25 / 27 avril Départ  Corse 4h du matin Bonifacio anse Paragnano 190 40
28-Apr Arrivée
29-Apr vers Sardaigne golfe d’ARANCI/golfo SPURLATTA 40 10
30-Apr Départ vers Iles PONTINES 150 33
1er mai Arrivée PALMAROLA
02-May repos
03-May PONZA 6
05-May ISCHIA 22
06-May PROCIDA 3
08-May Depart vers ILES EOLIENNES 115 25
09-May Arrivée STROMBOLI
13-May LIPARI 17
14-May VULCANO 10
17-May retrouvaille KALYMNOS/GDS2 MILAZZO 18
18-May traversée détroit Messine REGGIO DE CALABRE
19-May traversée Mer Ionienne 240 53 h
21-May Arrivée 1er port GREC sur l’ile de CEPHALONIQUE ARGOSTOLION
22-May repos
23-May Départ pour PATRAS A/MIDI 70 15h
24-May Arrivée à PATRAS PATRAS
25-May vers TR ILE DE TRIZONIA 17 4h
26-May Vers site de DELPHES ITEA 18 4h
28-May Vers Port Corinthe PORT CORINTHE 28 6h
29-May Passage Canal de Corinthe route vers AIGINA AIGINA ou SALAMINA 25 5h30
DATE EVENEMENT LIEU D’ARRIVEE miles a parcourir Nbre hres a 4,5knts
31-May SOUNION vers LAVRIO et fête à bord LAVRIO 5 1h30
01-Jun Départ PHILIPPE pour l’aéroport d’ATHENES Arrivée famille LARS LAVRIO
02-Jun RAFTI 10 2h30
04-Jun Vers l’Ile de KEA NICOLAOU ou KAVIA Ile KEA 13 3h
05-Jun Vers l’ile de POROS Baie des Russes POROS 42 9h30
06-Jun Vers le port d’YDRA YDRA 16 3h30
10-Jun Vers CAP TAINARO  KAYIO KAYIO 33 7h30
13-Jun Vers KORONI KORONI 16 4h
18-Jun Traversée Mer Ionienne 250 55h
21-Jun Repos
22-Jun Vers FILICUDI PECORINI 52 12h
23-Jun vers USTICA USTICA 66 15h
24-Jun Vers la SARDAIGNE VILLASIMIUS 160 35h
26-Jun Repos
04-Jul AJACCIO 40 9h
05-Jul Retour à LA CIOTAT 160 35h
06-Jul Arrivée à LA CIOTAT

Together with 69 NORD  I’m doing a guided tour in the north of Norway from July 22st to the 27th. Only 10 places available!! 


I’m going to show you some of the most beautiful nature in Europe, having fun on and off the water, and share many of my experiences, tricks and know how!!

The maritime zone I invite you to explore is near the small island of Sommarøy in Northern Norway, a gorgeous place at the edge of fjords and the open sea. This is the otter’s, puffin’s and sea eagle’s area.

This stay is specially designed for those who like to hike, sail and camp off the beaten path. We can stop on several islands : Tussøya, Høgøya, Håja, Sessøya, Gjøssøya, Vengsøya, Rebbenesøya, and Hersøya, just to mention a few. The walks are based on the overall group level. Walks are suited to meet everyone’s preference. Our trips are not made for extremists.

24-hour daylight in summer until the end of August. Midnight sun from May 22nd to July 22nd.

Children accompanied by an adult, are accepted from 10 years old. They must share a sailing kayak with an adult in charge.

I’m really looking forward to giving you a taste of a real adventure 😀

For more information click here

The price is 1500€ for 6 days and 5 nights. It dosen’t incl. air flights and transport.

Book you ticket here 

Sammen med 69 NORD og os har du mulighed for at komme på en rigtig ekspedition i nord Norge. Fra den 22 juli til den 27 juli. Der er kun plads til 10!!


Jeg vil vise jer noget af det flotteste natur i Europa, ha’ det sjovt på vandet, på land og dele ud af vores erfaringer, tricks og røverhistorier.

Det er et fantastisk område tæt ved den lille ø Sommarøy in nord Norge. Mellem fjorde og åben hav. På turen vil vi hoppe fra ø til ø i vores Hobie kajakker, vandrer og udforske de forskellige steder. Turen er baseret på gruppens niveau og henvender sig ikke til folk som forventer en ekstrem udfordring.

Børn ned til 10 år er velkomme, sammen med en voksen i kajakken.

I har kun brug for ‘normalt’ tøj og en sovepose.

For mere information ser her

Jeg glæder mig til at dele dette eventyr med dig! 😀

Prisen er 1500 euro for 6 dage og 5 nætter. Man søger selv for flybillet og transport.

Du kan booke din billet her



First of all, it gives a lots of good memories, memories that we will never forget. Experiences that gives us butterflies in our stomach and a smile on our lips on a cold, grey, rain full November day.

Klik her for Dansk

“give us a tent, a sleeping bag and we will have the time of our life”

I often think back on:

  • When the kids skied down from the highest lift in Northern America in 3914 m. They were only 3 and 5 years old. On the sign it said expects only!! Daddy was very proud that day.
  • A whale that came up right next to us and stayed for a few minutes. It was so close that Tiuri said; ”Dad, I can see it’s eye”
  • That time were Suzi and I lost track of each other on our cycling trip through Australia. I had the kids in the trailer and it took 45 mins before we found each other again.
  • When in our kayaks we had a 27-hour day on the water and during the night the plankton lit up everything.
  • Fitz Roy NP in south Chile, were we together with grandmother and granddad, hiked for three days through some of the most beautiful nature on this planet.
  • Or being in 3 m high waves in south France and the kids were cheering every time we roll over the next wave.
  • Mayors together with local people standing on the beach welcoming us with champagne and focaccia.
  • The day we all slept outside the tent, under the open sky in the middle of Alaska, looking at incredible beautiful northern-lights


Beside the many unique experiences, we have a very peaceful and simple life on an adventure. When everything you need is in a few bags, your transportation is propelled by human power and the only thing you need to think of is getting from A-B, put up a tent and cook. The best is if you don’t have internet or phone connexion, then you don’t have any interference at all. All the worries disappear and your stress disappears and you experience a special kind of happiness that is hard to describe.

And remember: The worse experiences often become the very best experiences!

When you are on an adventure you will find out what is important here in life, your family will be closer connected plus it will give you a huge self-confidence. We as a family could lose all the ‘important’ material things, furniture’s, car, house and so one. But give us a tent, a sleeping bag and we will have the time of our life!

If you want to have a real look into our adventure: LIFE IS GOOD follow us, A family kayak odyssey 7,300 km from Copenhagen to Istanbul , find it on Amazon.

The BOOK - Life is GOOD follow us


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