Indonesia 2010

Bali was our first destination on our 4½ month trip to Indonesia, Australia and Malaysia. We rented a car for a month, and for the first ten days also a house. A really relaxed trip we can warmly recommend to other families who would like to get a little bit more out of their holiday than Lanzarote for example (we were there for a week during our trip through Europe). We explored the beautiful culture and nature, Tiuri, three years old, went snorkeling for the first time.

Some of our pictures of this amazing island:

Afgang fra Amsterdam

Departure from Amsterdam Schiphol.


A family ‘car’ on Bali.

Dame på mark

Rice is still being harvest by hand.

Elefant tur

We bought by accident, an elephant ride. The kids although thought it was fantastic.

Suzi og Liva

Our first night was in a Hotel with a lovely pool.


An older lady selling pray gifts to the local people.

Hike to the top

Lars went two hours, in darkness, through the jungle, to get this picture.


A beach, close to the house we rented, only reached by foot.

Ilddans bali

In Central Bali we went to an evening show , which ended with a spectacular fire-dance.


On a boot trip,where we could loan a traditional hat.

Livas fødselsdag

Liva had her second birthday on Bali.

musiker på strand

Liva loves music and gave this musician some money.

Nuru på toppen

Lars on top of a mountain, with the Nuru flag.

pool ved hus

The house we rented had a pool, how luxurious.


Bali has many rice fields, always a beautiful sight.

Tiuris lege kammerat

It was easy to find new friends to play with.


We rented a hut from a family, where the owner and his son sat in their garden and were carpeting a beautiful door.


We visited a monkey forest, and came across these three sleeping monkeys.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

We rented a Balinese kayak and paddled, at sunrise to this beautiful temple, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.

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