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Track our way around Denmark here Every 10 minutes our position will be updated, and you’ll be able to see the last 7 days tracking. We hope to see a lot of people along the route, come and say hi, swim with us or bring your kayak. Lets have an adventure together!! Advertisements

Swimming 1300 km around the country…

The most dangerous situation on our one and a half years kayak expedition…

A fantastic train adventure is over, thank you so much for following us, all your comments and likes made our day just a little bit better, THANKS! 29 days +13000 km. In roughly 70 different trains. From the Highlands of Scotland all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in Montenegro. Visiting 18 countries and 13 capitals. Top speed 300 km. Longest journey on one train was 13 hours. Best service in the… Read More

Ever since we first tried sailing, going from Italy to Greece and back to Italy, a new idea of using a boat to get around was born. We love using the wind and the freedom that sailing gives you. On the sea, you can go anywhere in the world!! So this summer together with boat-owner Jean Jacques and his good friend Philippe Clement both from France and people we consider our friends,… Read More

A chance to come on a real ADVENTURE together with us

First of all, it gives a lots of good memories, memories that we will never forget. Experiences that gives us butterflies in our stomach and a smile on our lips on a cold, grey, rain full November day. Klik her for Dansk “give us a tent, a sleeping bag and we will have the time of our life” I often think back on: When the kids skied down from the highest lift… Read More

Vores nye foredrag: Familie eventyr, 2000 km i kano gennem Alaskas vildmark! Vi holder foredrag i hele Danmark og Europa, læs mere om vores foredrag her “Danmarks mest eventyr lystige familie”                                    Mikkel Kryger, TV2   Hjælp os med at komme rundt i landet og holde foredrag. Fortæl din lokal klub, skole, forening eller firma om dette… Read More

Well it is tiring and not always fun.. So what did the kids do, to help prepare for the adventure? They didn’t like shopping all the time, but were good at helping out packing all the food and organizing it.   Decorating our rubber boots, removing old stickers from the canoes and attaching new ones.   The days in Whitehorse were very stressfull, and it was not always easy to control the kids… Read More

Crazy thought turned in to one and a halv years of adventure..