The biggest challenge in Denmark?

Nobody has done it before, no one has tried to swim around Denmark. But it is nevertheless what I (Lars) intend to do this summer. 

See how my mother reacted


See our position and follow our adventure, every 10 minutes.

  • Can I swim? No, not really, approx. 50 meters crawl
  • Have I swum in open water before? Yes, 200 meters.
  • Am I an elite sports athlete? No
  • Am I an elite soldier? No
  • Is my mother coming with me? Yes, in a kayak.

We support Julemærke Fonden & Depressions Foreningen, make a donation today.

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As you can read, the prerequisites are not so great, but the will and belief that we can succeed is strong. As we have said on our 7300 km long kayak trip from Copenhagen to Istanbul;

If you can paddle 10 kilometres, pitch your tent stay the night and copy that the next day. Then you will reach your goal, if you have enough time.

Two kayaks, Evia island
This picture is from our one and a half years expedition in two sailing kayaks.                              Our children were 5 and 7 years old at the start in Copenhagen.

Our plan is to start the 5 of June at 9 a clock  and swim approx. 1200-1300 km. from Vidå lock near the border close to Tønder (south west Denmark), up and around Skagen, from Mols to Zealand Odde (if possible), but probably down to Samsø and over to Zealand, then to Copenhagen, further south around Falster, over to South Funen and then end at the first border stone in Flensburg Fjord. The whole trip will last around 3-4 months, where I will daily try to swim between 10 to 20 km. My mother will be next to me, kayaking and will also be the oldest person to kayak around Denmark.

map of Denmark


We will stay in tents, possibly, caravan if my dad is with us, but we hope to meet a lot of nice people along the way, who might want to take us in for a single night.

Depressions foreningenJulemærke fonden
We support the Julemærkefonden and DepressionsForeningen. I have been teased at school and had to move school. Still remembering how I stood and cried in front of the school, thinking about hiding and then go home again when the school was over. My mother has been struggling with depression for many years and has been hospitalized several times. In addition to this, both my little brothers have struggled with depression. That’s why it makes sense for us to support these two amazing organizations that make a big difference in peoples life. And unfortunately, their work is probably not less relevant in the future.

The reason we go is to get a real adventure in Denmark. You can ride a bike or run Denmark quickly but to swim Denmark, it’s wild. Then we both, my mother and I, thought it was time we got together on a real adventure. Suzi and the children would like to have a summer in our house, so it fitted perfectly. I hope, however, they come out and greet us along the way.

The Hobie kayak that my mother will use on the trip. The picture is from our trip around Møn

I’m training a lot at the moment, have just been in Sweden where I met the amazing Kerstin Nordén (IronWoman), who is training for the Ironman world championships in Hawaii. I’m very pleased that Kerstin will help me with this huge project and it has already made a big difference in my swimming style. (I had no style, now I have one) If you like to learn to swim longer with less effort, see more on Kerstin’s website

It’s a huge project and beside raising money for the Julemærkefonden and DepressionsForeningen, we hope to find sponsors who can help with our equipment and/or expenses of the trip. Write or call if you want to support us.


Logo Simstart
Kerstin is an amazing person and a very strong Iron-women. If you want to learn to swim, go to Sweden. 😃
We need energy, GOOD energy, Rawbite is the perfect solution!
Denmarks biggest online shop for swimwear, and owned by the young and energetic Daniel. We are proud to work together with Watery.
Again is Gustav, Martin and Lars, helping us. Last time was on our one and half years expedition, where we received lots of help. Awesome to have them back on the team!


Hobie has been our loyal sponsor on our one and half year kayak expedition, we love their kayaks, top quality, that’s why they are with us again.
Good and healthy food is important on this big adventure, thats why Nyborggaard is helping us.
sundterapi-med-tagline (1) (3).png
Lars will help me keep my body in perfect shape. 💪
Mugiro is developing body protection gear. Im going to wear their swimsuit neck protection, so I will avoid chafing.




Microsoft Word - Dokument 1 has everything in musicinstruments, sound and light. They are fast, reliable and have a great service.
Tyr, is among the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands, really awesome that I will be able to use their swimsuit for the challenge.
One of the worlds biggest and best kayak gear producers.


8 thoughts on “The biggest challenge in Denmark?

  1. Mega sejt projekt:-) Held og lykke med det. Hvor lang er hele strækningen du skal svømme? Mvh Henrik

  2. Det er lidt frustrerende at følge på Twitter, for de billeder, der henvises til, er der ikke. Der er heller ikke noget link, og link i bio fører hertil, hvor det hele er et stort rod 😦

    1. Hej Martin, jeg giver dig ret. Alt som vi lægger op på FB ryger over til Twitter og billederne kan desværre ikke ses. (har desværre ikke overskud til at poste begge steder) At du ryger ind på vores hjemmeside fra linket i bio er meningen, og den linker til den Engelske side, da de fleste følger på Twitter ikke kommer fra Danmark. Hvis du vil se vores danske side skal du bare trykke på Dansk i menuen. Eller her 😃

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