Dreams, make them come true!!

Can you tell me what’s happening in the picture? It was the most dangerous situation on our one and a half years kayak expedition…

Sometimes life is like a movie and it seems totally unreal!

The same is true with dreams, but dreams can come true.

1: The first step to realise a dream is to tell it to family and friends. Talk to someone who you know will support you. 😃 Ones it is said out loud it is real, and you have taken the first big step towards success.

2: Talk to people who have tried something similar. If it’s not done before, get the information and advice you can get and make a plan!

3: Train/educate yourself if possible, find out what you can and can’t do. If you can’t prepare yourself, then start slowly, you’ll learn it along the way.

4: Investigate things into detail and try to imagine the worst-case scenario and lay down a plan for how to solve it.

5: Believe in your dream, see the goal and solve the small/big challenges as they come.

6: Do not be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try.

Once you are on your way, problems will arise that you didn’t see coming, but that makes and adventure an ADVENTURE!  As in the picture, taken in Italy, where the military shot 50 meters in front of our kayaks. Insane but true!

Need more inspiration to fulfil your dream, whether it’s an adventure or something completely different?! Then come to one of our lectures, go to www.lifeisgoodfollowus.com or read our book.

Dreams that might sound completely impossible, can become real.





2 thoughts on “Dreams, make them come true!!

  1. Hey Lar and family
    Wow your ste is utterly amazing
    It’s Bruce Rickman and Kent Weigel from the Yukon
    Your staying young I see
    When you coming to ski our waste deep fluffy powder?
    One day we want to come your way and maybe help out at the ground where you work
    Alls is well here
    Tak care and live like there is no tomorrow

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