Interrail Europe (part 2)

A fantastic train adventure is over, thank you so much for following us, all your comments and likes made our day just a little bit better, THANKS!
View from the train, Bernina Express, Switzerland 2.JPG
29 days
+13000 km.
In roughly 70 different trains.
From the Highlands of Scotland all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in Montenegro.
Visiting 18 countries and 13 capitals.
Top speed 300 km.
Longest journey on one train was 13 hours.
Best service in the train was in England and on the Thalys.

Did five top ten scenic train routes in Europe:

• Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh (Scotland)
• Mallaig to Oban (Scotland)
• Carlisle to Settle (England)
• Bernina Express Chur (Switzerland) to Tirano (Italy)
• Beograd (Serbia) to Bar (Montenegro)

Bar in Montenegro.JPG
Slept in:

• 3 Bothy’s.
• 3 Train’s
• 5 nights in the tent
• 1 night by a really nice person in Glasgow
• Only payed for one night, in a hotel.
• 5 nights in bivvy bags;

Sleeping in bivvy bags ( a rain cover for you sleeping bag) was a very cool experience, one night by a castle, one in a cornfield, one on a mountain and one in the middle of Luxembourg. 😃
Get of the train and find a field to sleep.JPG
All the other nights were by friends and family, thanks for a great time. 👍

Of all the trains we took, only four were delayed and only ones did we miss our connection, so we had to change plans. Only ones, and that was in Scotland, did we had to stand up (in the luggage compartment), because it was chock-a-block!

Beside the Interrail tickets, we spend 400 euros on reservation fees (Eurostar and Thalys), 27 euro in taxi fees, 25 euro on busses and 8 euro on the underground train in Paris.

Thalys, very fast and good.JPG

For food, we had a small stove and cooked our own evening dinner, did go out a few times and ate twice on the train. Breakfast was muesli with milk or something from the bakery. For lunch we made sandwiches or visited the bakery again. Our total cost was under 2000 euros included food, extra transport costs, and overnight expenses. The #Interrail tickets are not included here.
View from the train, Bernina Express, Switzerland 4.JPG
We didn’t know that a train journey could be so cool, that some of the most beautiful places in Europe are only accessible by train and that it would be so relaxed. We truly recommend you to have a go, it is fun, easy, safe and a good environmental friendly way to get around. If we want our kids to enjoy the world as we know it, we really have to start doing something. So if you like traveling like us, try not to use airplanes to much, trains let you experience everything between where you start and your destination. Enjoy!!

Some places we just got of the train, walk a few minuts and found an awesome place to camp!!.JPG

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