Why adventure with you family is amazing.

First of all, it gives a lots of good memories, memories that we will never forget. Experiences that gives us butterflies in our stomach and a smile on our lips on a cold, grey, rain full November day.

Klik her for Dansk

“give us a tent, a sleeping bag and we will have the time of our life”

I often think back on:

  • When the kids skied down from the highest lift in Northern America in 3914 m. They were only 3 and 5 years old. On the sign it said expects only!! Daddy was very proud that day.
  • A whale that came up right next to us and stayed for a few minutes. It was so close that Tiuri said; ”Dad, I can see it’s eye”
  • That time were Suzi and I lost track of each other on our cycling trip through Australia. I had the kids in the trailer and it took 45 mins before we found each other again.
  • When in our kayaks we had a 27-hour day on the water and during the night the plankton lit up everything.
  • Fitz Roy NP in south Chile, were we together with grandmother and granddad, hiked for three days through some of the most beautiful nature on this planet.
  • Or being in 3 m high waves in south France and the kids were cheering every time we roll over the next wave.
  • Mayors together with local people standing on the beach welcoming us with champagne and focaccia.
  • The day we all slept outside the tent, under the open sky in the middle of Alaska, looking at incredible beautiful northern-lights


Beside the many unique experiences, we have a very peaceful and simple life on an adventure. When everything you need is in a few bags, your transportation is propelled by human power and the only thing you need to think of is getting from A-B, put up a tent and cook. The best is if you don’t have internet or phone connexion, then you don’t have any interference at all. All the worries disappear and your stress disappears and you experience a special kind of happiness that is hard to describe.

And remember: The worse experiences often become the very best experiences!

When you are on an adventure you will find out what is important here in life, your family will be closer connected plus it will give you a huge self-confidence. We as a family could lose all the ‘important’ material things, furniture’s, car, house and so one. But give us a tent, a sleeping bag and we will have the time of our life!

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3 thoughts on “Why adventure with you family is amazing.

  1. You forgot the most dangerous and drolatic adventure, the one when you had to taste oesters ! I’m sure Turi remember that !

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