Sailing adventure in the Mediterranean Sea!

This adventure was special in many ways…

Unique places in Greece to anchoring for the night

First – Traveling together with very experienced adventurers, at almost 80 years old

Second –  Traveling in a way we never tried before, this time by sailing boat

Third – Going to explore +3000 years old silvermines in Greece

Fourth – This adventure took two hours to plan

On the top of Vulcano, the volcanic island north of Sicily.

One of the best things that happened to me (Lars) was in a ski area in Val D’isere, I was 25 years old and trying to become a ski instructor in France. I was skiing really well and kicking ass, if I can say that about myself. I entered a GS ski race and had the fastest time. But found out that the person who tested the run and set a test time, was faster than me and 50 years old. First I was very disappointed, later I thought that there might be a chance that I can ski this good, when I become 50 years old. And that was a fantastic thought!!

Philippe and Lars having fun in the mud.
Philippe enjoying going through the Corinth Canal.
Idhra a beautiful islands in Greece, without cars.
Sea Turtle, Liva and Tiuri went swimming with one, awesome experience. See a movie here


So I have always admired people a lot older than myself for going out there, enjoying life and having adventures!! It just gives me such an lust for life.

And our captain, always on deck when things are a bit rough.

That’s why I was very happy to team up with Jean Jacques (69) and Philippe (79), I wanted to get close to these ‘older’ adventures. What is their secret? And how do they stay so young? If you ask them they’ll say: “On the outside I might be old (they are surprised when I showed them a picture of themselves) but on the inside I’m still just 20”… They hardly ever say that I’m too old for this or I wish I was younger; they don’t think about it, they just do it!!

Philippe and JJ
Philippe to the left, Jean Jacques our captain on the right.

We were very excited about learning to sail a sailing boat, something we might be able to use in the future (…trip around the world, maybe…) To see if we would like it and if we could handle it.

The boat that came with us Kalymnos, with Marc and Christine onboard.
Tiuri and Liva was quickly learning to handle the rowing boat.
Suzi having fun navigation the boat up to Poros in Greece.
Dolphins jumping around Kalymnos


Kalymnos and Grain de sel 2 on their way to new adventures.

We really loved the sailing part, just using the wind. Unfortunately, because of the long distant that we have planned to sail, we used the engine a lot too. But gliding across the sea, just using the wind and without any noise, was just as fantastic as we had hoped for. And a lot more luxurious then traveling by kayak. Which is both good and not so good. Traveling very simple meant, meeting a lot more people and getting in touch with the locals on our kayak trip. Traveling by boat, you have everything, you stay on the water and talking to the local fisherman to get advice, is not necessary. Also people don’t stand ready with pizza and champagne on the beach when you arrive in a boat. 😉

On our kayak trip from Copenhagen to Istanbul, we ones in a wail got at big welcome: Mayors, champagne and pizza. 😀


Beside that we did get seasick in bad conditions and especially Lars was not handling it very well at times. This is a bit of a concern, especially if you have to be many days on the water…  But Suzi would just say ¨Get yourself together, are you a sailor or not¨

Big waves and up to 40 knots wind on our crossing from Sicily to Sardinia.



Our plan for this summer was just going for a week holiday to Greece and explore the mines around Lavrio…but when I had sent a mail to Philippe talking about Greece, he got all fired up and two hours later we…. or he had planned the whole thing.

The whole team, plus a few extra people, from left to right: Vasilis, Marc, Jean Jacques, Tiuri, Philippe, Suzi, Liva, Christine, Stavros, Lars. Vasilis was our guide in the mines and Stavros has a Kayak shop, Cannibals kayak house in Athens. He helped us on our kayak trip.


Vasilis working and finding minerals.


Vasilis fantastic collection of minerals.
The boat a Benetau Oceanis 320 and our Captain.
On the last day from Corsica to La Ciotat, we saw 7 Fin whales, unbelievable. 😮 See a movie here

“Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get”

Map made by our captain, Jean Jacques. Shows the whole journey and all of our stops and overnights.


Inspiration for sailing in the Mediterranean:

Go along with Armando Richard Addati, from Culture-sailing, to organize sailing around Sicily. Go with your own boat together with other sailing enthusiasts, experience the amazing island of Sicily and get close to the culture of the island.

Would you like us to hold a illustrated talks about this trip, contact us or book directly at:

Tajmer Booking & Management, Stig Hansen

Tlf: +45 46 15 37 00




2 thoughts on “Sailing adventure in the Mediterranean Sea!

  1. Beautiful reporting. Well done once more, Lars ! What you forgot to say is that thoses two olds men where so happy and so proud to have on board such well known aventurer, writing books, young, very helpful and so “LUMINOUS” and accompagnied by his wonderful family. Thanks for so many goods moments together ! Life is so good with peoples like you. Adventure should continue.

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