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A real family adventure!!


We have now paddled/sailed for 2 months from Denmark to Holland and covered almost 1200 km…

Just a little film, for fun—Lige lidt underholdning

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Today we had some guest from our former campground coming by, to hear about our next trip and say goodbye to us. Guldborg Camping was so nice to make us some great coffees and cakes, thanks for that Tina and Koos. And thanks to all of you for a nice afternoon!

Dansk længere ned… We had a great training in the North Sea a few weeks ago. People called us crazy and well after our first attempt to get in we felt so too. Suzi ended under the kayak and Lars lost his paddle. But the second attempt we timed perfectly and even met a seal on our way. After 300 meters we were out of the surf and paddling around in one… Read More

YES, we are working together with Garmin and are going to test three new products…

It’s official, we have just ordered two brand new Hobie Mirage Tandem Island kayaks for our trip.

Hi, just wanted to give you an update on our planning so far. Lots of things are being looked through and many mails are being sent. Right now we have contact with Lucian Lonescu a Romanian guy who has been giving us advice on traveling from Croatia/Albania to Istanbul. He travelled from the black sea to Venice last year, so part of the same route as we are planning. Check out his… Read More