Great Service, Hobie Mirage Tandem Island

We have now paddled/sailed for 2 months from Denmark to Holland and covered almost 1200 km. In what most people don’t think is possible, The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island. It has been very funny to see how people react, when you tell them what we have done, and what the plan is. And the kayaks has been great, the TI as it is known amongst owners, has performed fantastic. We have been traveling in flat waters and up to 2 meter waves i 13 sm winds, no problem. It is much more stable then most sailing boats and the most stable kayak in the world, probably!!

Hard winds in the North sea wasn't a problem for the kayaks.
Hard winds in the North sea wasn’t a problem for the kayaks.

The only thing that we have had so far, is that the steering on the one kayak was a bit tight. That was fixed in Denmark where Lars from Kajakkæden/Hobie came down and helped us just fine-tuning the rudder. Yesterday we had a visit from Zachary and Derch from Hobie kayak Europe in Stellendam/Holland. We have had a few balls from the ball bearing falling out, so they replace the ball bearing holder and gave us to new steering poles. Great service from the guys and really small problem considering the stress and amount of time we have been on the water. The last little thing was a bit of water coming in from a screw hole in the bottom, I fixed that my self with a bit of epoxy 🙂

Lots of landing on beaches, is hard on the bottom.
Lots of landing on beaches, is hard on the bottom.

The kayak are as good as new, and ready for the next 7000 km. 😉

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