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A fantastic train adventure is over, thank you so much for following us, all your comments and likes made our day just a little bit better, THANKS! 29 days +13000 km. In roughly 70 different trains. From the Highlands of Scotland all the way to the Mediterranean Sea in Montenegro. Visiting 18 countries and 13 capitals. Top speed 300 km. Longest journey on one train was 13 hours. Best service in the… Read More

Denmark to Istabul in two kayaks, the Italian movie…

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Had a little training trip on bikes today, through the forest. Went down this little track, and had to carry the bike over at fallen trees (picture) and small water streams. Tiuri threw his bike away in frustration. But on the return trip, he decided to go any extra 5 km. on purpose, a total of 12 km, nice! Havde en træningstur på cykler gennem skoven i dag. Kørt ned af en… Read More