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Italy – Greece – France 2 months on a boat…


First of all, it gives a lots of good memories, memories that we will never forget. Experiences that gives us butterflies in our stomach and a smile on our lips on a cold, grey, rain full November day. Klik her for Dansk “give us a tent, a sleeping bag and we will have the time of our life” I often think back on: When the kids skied down from the highest lift… Read More

Vores nye foredrag: Familie eventyr, 2000 km i kano gennem Alaskas vildmark! Vi holder foredrag i hele Danmark og Europa, læs mere om vores foredrag her “Danmarks mest eventyr lystige familie”                                    Mikkel Kryger, TV2   Hjælp os med at komme rundt i landet og holde foredrag. Fortæl din lokal klub, skole, forening eller firma om dette… Read More

With over 15.000 views on Facebook and a fantastic responds. We wanted to share our little movie with you on our site. One and a half years in 2 min. 🙂 Med over 15.000 views på Facebook, og en fantastisk modtagelse. Ville vi gerne dele vores lille video her på hjemmeside. Et et halvt år på 2 min. 🙂 Voice Chris Paton  

Here’s a teaser for just one of the amazing projects we are working on in 2016. We hope your 2016 is proving to be just as exciting as ours!

Another hard day in the Mediterranean sea, with champagne, hotel and evening dinner…. Endnu en hård dag på middelhavet, med Champagne, hotel og aftensmad… Wat een fantastische dag!