Welcome to Germany

We had a great day from Denmark to Germany. Saw lots of ships and our first Sea Eagle really close by, cool! The place that we wanted to stay the night, recommended by our neighbour at Sønderkobbel Camping, was a nice little harbour called Schleimünd and the only way to get there was by boat.

Saw an Seaeagle really close by, about 10 m.
Saw an Seaeagle really close by, about 10 m.


Here we quickly talked with different people, amongst them Chris and his wife that invited us to stay at their place in Cuxhaven, a place that we will pass later. We also talked to Katharina, who sailed alone from Italy to Greece in a catamaran. She promise to send us information about good places to stay and people that can help us, great start in Germany!!

Lots of ships, i had to just check one more time, the rules of navigation
Lots of ships, i had to just check one more time, the rules of navigation

The next day we had a good wind, and before we left we probably had around 10 sm. The opening to the sea was not wider then 40-50 m. and we had wind, current and waves in our face. Tiuri and I fought our way out and out there we had 2 meters high waves. Tiuri loved it, but we turned around, we were not going anywhere today. There was a small audience and they got an experience too.

Nice little harbor with a beach perfect!
Nice little harbor with a beach perfect!

We crossed over to a small campground a km from our starting point, in record speed 13-14 km an hour, awesome. We went over to the campground because later we were going to have a visit from Suzis parents. Otherwise we would have never left the place! A day later we are still at the campground, waiting for better weather. The wind is still strong, and our tent is being tested. J

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Germany

  1. Hello you , verry happy and Big luck met you in Schleimünde, verry Little charming port with little beach perfect for Kajaks and catamarans ! You are wonderful crazy! Same heart-beating like me! You will have wonderful times- I am a little bit jalouse 🙂 and will follow you! Greeting also from a crazy adverturefull heart – Kathrin

    1. Hey Kathrin, we are very happy to hear from you. Do you have a website so that we can read more about your adventure? Thanks for being crazy, cheers Liva, Tiuri, Suzi and Lars

  2. We are following your progress on the Nord Ostsee Kanal. Weather is great Did you get the maps? Are the small boats still Floating?
    Cheers Katrin Ole and Thore

    1. Hey Katrin, thanks we got the maps and enjoying the Nord Ostsee Kanal. And the kids where really having a good time in Schleimünde playing with their boats. Sadly a dog got hold of Tiuri’s and after arriving in Germany, a big wave took Liva’s (it was laying on top of the kayak tight on a big stone!) so they where very sad but promised to make some new ones…

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