Yukon River – canoeing 2000 km in wilderness!

We were actually a little bit nervous before we had to leave … had we now gone too far, was the challenge too great, would animals attack us and our children, could we manage ourselves completely out there, where few people come? Although we had done 7300 km in a kayak from Copenhagen to Istanbul, were shot at, had been 45+ km from the coast and in waves up to 3-4 m height. The Yukon River still gave me the shiver.

Two kayaks, Evia island

Yukon and Alaska are great, magnificent, exciting and scary at the same time and it is not without reason that the area is a magnet for adventurers around the globe.


For us this adventure had many new things including wilderness, animals, and to be completely cut off from the outside world for several weeks in a row. But we did it and got many wonderful and unexpected experience on the journey … And we were glad to have our good friends and experienced adventurer Chris Paton and his wife Jane with us on most of the journey.

Here you see the whole team from left to right: Lars, Suzi, Liva, Tiuri, Jane and Chris.

Here are some pictures from the trip:


A fire that has been going for over 7 years now.
The end of Lake Laberge, were we got involved in a search and rescue mission.
Playing with mud..
You never get to old 😁
Many rivers enter the Yukon, here the White River mixes with the Yukon.
We saw lots of animals on the way, and also very closeby…
Things become very peaceful when you are totally disconnected from the outside world.
Weather changes very quickly that far north, close to the artic circle.
We had a very close encounter with at bear, but it decided to run away.
To much water gave us some problems on the last leg of the trip and campsites where harder to find.
We had been dreaming about seeing the Northern lights, like the time in Greenland.            We were not disappointed.

It was an amazing, magnificent, beautiful, exciting and challenging trip and had all the experience we could have dreamed of and more … But the best experience was the calm that felt upon us at the end of the journey, we were one with nature and the inner peace which is so hard to find, we found it


Sleeping on so many island, you get to see the best sunsets!!!
Yukon Map 25pct
We started in Whitehorse and ended in Galena, 2000 km by canoe in two and a half months.

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