Greenland 2008

We went to visit our good friends Jane and Chris in Uummannaq, 600 km north of the polar circle in Greenland. A huge experience and we took Tiuri, our one year old son, with us. A lot of people thought it was a bit wild to take a little boy traveling to Greenland in winter time, but as we said children are born there too…

Some of our pictures of our fantastic 3½ week trip:

DSC_0300 copy

View from Jane and Chris’ house

Den gode udsigt

and from the garden.


Here is Chris Paton, he lived in Greenland for 6 years, now back in Denmark and writing great stories! Read more on his website


And his better half Jane. We are very happy for their friendship!


On arrival at Søndre Strømfjord it was minus 48 ºC. Crazy.


They have their own dogs, wild ones when it was feeding time.


A hunter on his way.


Tiuri ready for adventure, dressed in 5 layers of clothes and wrapped in a sleeping bag.


Here Chris and Lars build a snow cave, sleeping at minus 25 ºC.

DSC_1385 coby

We were very fortunate to have three nights with amazing northern lights.


Most of the days we had -20 ºC, but some days even  -30ºC as on the picture.


The owner of the Hotel in Uummannaq took us on a  200 kilometer trip on ice.


We had a look at one of his fish factories. Dried halibut tastes fantastic.


DSC_1389 copy


Uummannaq harbor


One day, with only minus 16 ºC,  we went on a 5 hour hike.


Passed Santa Claus’ house, where they filmed ‘Nissebanden i Grønland’.


Great views on top of Uummannaqs mountains.


The only way to come to the island of Uummannaq is with an helikopter,  Tiuri takes is easy.


We had several trips with dogsleds, this is our first trip with Chris’.


Three puppies were born just before we arrived. They all died shortly after. Life is hard in Greenland


Houses are built where there is place between the rocks. Giving the town a very cosy look.

We love to give advice and tips on traveling in  Greenland,you are more than welcome to write to us;

We love to come and give illustrated talk about our trip,  See more here.

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