Life is GOOD follow us expedition 2014-15

We where lucky to loos our job and house….LUCKY you would probably say, how???

Our luck was that we lost our job and work in one go, and there was nothing left to hold us back. We got rid of the last things we owned and set out on a kayak odyssey from Copenhagen to Istanbul. 7300 km over one and a half years, never attempted by a family before.

We didn’t know what was waiting, was it possible and a good idea to bring small kids on such a long journey. We had previously experience cycling trough Australia and backpacking in South America with our kids. But this kayak trip was a big challenge, one we only thought possible ones we got pass Rome in Italy after 10 months on the water.

See a two minut video about the adventure here!

Here are a few pictures from this epic kayak expedition:


Our route, 9 countries, 2000 km canals/rivers and 5300 km sea.

Liva og Suzi kæmper med vinden / Liva and Suzi batteling with the wind.

Liva og Suzi kæmper med vinden / Liva and Suzi batteling with the wind.

Overnatning ved Albuens Camping, hvor vi fik rigtig fin behandling / Staying at Albuens Camping, and we really got good service!

Staying at Albuens Camping, and we really got good service!

Suzi looking small in the Kielerkanal

Suzi looking small in the Kielerkanal

The king of the Wadden Sea

Vi så flere sæler på turen, denne meget tæt på / We saw many seals, this very close by.


Having fun and listening to music


Coming in to Marseilles

BD - LARS Good Life - 24-11-2014@YCM-CC -8865

Great welcome in the Monaco Yacht Club, by Michael


The beautiful coastline of Italy


Mayor, champagne and the locals, an awesome welcome on the beach in Moneglia


Lots of land days, and hikes to beautiful places.


Big waves and wind was a constant enemy during the winter


Entering caves was a first for us, and very special


To get the kids to walk further, we made some free-running movies and pictures


Tiuri and Lars surrounded by kite surfters


Finding perfect camp spots was not always easy, but some times we where lucky


In the summer it was to hot, and we were in the water all the time.

Clear water in Greece 1

Clear water in Greece, just perfect


Going through the night, seeing the plankton in the water was fantastic

Denmark to Turkey

Finally coming to the last country on the Journey, Turkey


Surfing with up to 16-17 km an hour, great fun


After 7300 km and one and a half years, arriving in Istanbul. YES we did it!!

This expedition has received a lot of medie attention, have a look here

Here is a link to the plans before the start

Want to read the book? Buy you paperback here or go to Amazon for the e-book.

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