Life is GOOD follow us – before going

As a family we have decided to paddle through Europe in two special kayaks from Hobie, so called sit-on-top kayaks with a penguin fin system and with the possibility to set a sail.

We chose these fantastic kayaks because you have your hands free, the kids wouldn’t get water sprayed on them from the paddles and have more room to move around, perfect family kayak. 🙂

Our Tour starts in Copenhagen, May 2014 and ends in Istanbul at the end of July 2015.

If we have the time we would like to end our travel at the border with Turkey and Georgia, maybe even have a hiking trip in the Caucasus Mountains, which is the geographical border between Europe and Asia. A Tour that will take us a bit more than a year and will lead us through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Albania, Greece and Turkey and maybe even Georgia.

Life is good follow us expedition, kajak, børn, familie

Travelling in two small kayaks on the open sea we are weather dependent. With two young kids it’s difficult to be precise as to how long this trip will take. When you travel with kids, it’s their pace your travel at, as we have learned on our many travels together. Especially on our cycling tour in Australia, where three hours on our bikes was the maximum if we wanted to have happy kids. So our goal is to paddle between three or four hours a day, and move about 20 km. So we have about three months we can stay on land if the weather is bad or explore the area more.

It is about 7000 km from Copenhagen to Istanbul via the route we have planned. This means it will take us about one year of sailing with an average of 20 km a day and three extra months. There is another 1250 km to the border between Turkey and Georgia, only possible if the tour is going better than expected.

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