Kokatat, Goretex paddling suits

We have tested our Kokatat Goretex Paddling Suitfor a month now and we are happy. They have performed great, especially on the warmer days. It is a waterproof breathable three-layer fabric designed to keep you completely dry in extreme conditions, and it has! The dry suit comes with at long entry plastic zipper in the front, but the zip handles are different on the men’s and women’s. Prefer the women’s version


Both the men and women’s comes with a relief zipper as well. At the hands and neck they come with rubber gaskets, but we chose neoprene at the neck for comfort. We are only going in area’s where it is warmer, and over 10-15 degrees water. Kokatat drysuitAbove that Kokatat will increase or decrease the length of the arms, legs, torso (above the waist) or rise (waist to crotch) on most of their dry suit models for a nominal charge. And garments are backed by a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, that’s pretty cool!! For Liva we have found a small dry suit 100-110cm in Finland called Ursuit and that wasn’t an easy thing. It performs well. At the neck and hands the materiel is very long and small so that you can cut it off to fit the person. We didn’t have to cut off anything yet, she is so tiny. The dry suit comes with gloves, feet warmers, which were way to big, and a beanie and neoprene hat which fitted.  

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