Møn rundt

We were inspired by friends to paddle a Hobie kayak, during our cycling trip in Australia.

So Lars was determent to buy a Hobie kayak as soon as we came back to Denmark in 2011. The location of our house was also fantastic to go kayaking. We only had to put a set of wheels under the kayak, walk 200 meters and put it in the water. From here we could paddle for three kilometers inland or the other way out to Sakskøbing fjord and just continue…

And then an idea came up to paddle, as a family, in two kayaks from Denmark to the Netherlands. And from there on the idea became bigger and bigger: a kayak trip from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Istanbul, Turkey. This trip will start in May 2014 and will take over one year,    See more here.

At the moment we are looking for sponsors, both for our own project as for the organisation Nuru, a great organisation helping people out of extreme poverty.

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