5 thoughts on “Dansk

  1. Dear Family, I have meet you a short moment at Lyon last week near the built Bevedere.I practice Kayac in Marseille;I confirm you that I have solution for you in my club to late savety your 2 kayacs and to received you at home.A hope at soon in Marseille!!!


    1. Hi Philippe, thanks so much that’s really nice to hear. We will look forward to that! We will be in Marseille in about 8-10 days we think. I will send you a messages, when we get closer. We also have a live tracking system, so you can follow our progress.

      Thanks so much,

      Kind regards Lars

    2. Hi Philippe, we where stuck in the Mistral for two days , are now in Avignon might go down the Petit Rhone so it will take a little longer before we get ther.
      See you soon, Lars

      1. Hello Lars,hello all your family ,

        Thank you for your position , thé weather became better now . Small Rhône is normaly marvellous to see animals .after thé see havé some savez in camargue.my phone is +33632875385 .we wait for you . If you nées some thing si ce now we are looping for you .many greats . Philippe and helene

  2. Hello!!!

    Congratulation to havé joint thé méditerranéan see at Saintes Marie de la Mer today.

    Can you joint me before your arrival at Marseille?

    I confirm you my phone +33632875385

    Very good trip


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