Yukon River

On sunday we are flying to Whitehorse, the next adventure is waiting together with Chris and Jane. 3000 km down the Yukon river in three months. See more on Facebook

DSC_8990 (1)

It is very exciting going to a place that for most people seems out-of-reach. It will be very different from our Life is GOOD follow us – Copenhagen to Istanbul expedition. It will challenge us in new ways, being far away from everything.

Lots of people ask us about bears but that is not our biggest concern. (Every year 3 persons are killed by bears, compared to 20-30 by dogs in North America) Our biggest concern is probably mosquitos and the cool weather in the end of the trip. We have tried as always to think worst-case-senerio. Also having Chris and Jane with us, who already have traveled 700 km of the Yukon river, is very reassuring.

DSC_8933 (1)

Suzi has being learning how to sew surgical stitches. We have a lot more medication with us than on any previous trips, being out there, we all have to be just a bit more safer and do things the right way.

DSC_8930 (1)

You can follow our trip on Facebook and we are also having a live tracking device (The link works when we are on the river after the 29 of june)

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