Fishing with local Italian!!

We wake up to the sound of: tuk tuk tuk, the sound of an old Volvo engine, itโ€™s Luigi a local fisher, getting ready to take us out fishing. Liva and Tiuri are still half a sleep, drifting slowly out of the harbour, but as soon as the first fish traps are in sight they are all excited

Also we got some fish and have enjoyed fish soup and fried fish. Apparently they would have been around 70 euroโ€™s per person in a restaurant, really nice fish โ˜บ




During the three times we went out, we have caught different fish; eels, craps and octopus!

He has a Swedish wife and speaks Swedish. So communication has been a lot easier…

We had the pleasure to enjoy some of the fish, as a soup and fried. One day there were also some eel-like creatures, that have knife sharp teeth and could bite your finger of in one go. Lucky we got them out of the fish traps with all our fingers intact. ๐Ÿ™‚



Luigi is also the owner of the cave that we slept in, so thanks to him we have had a comfortable stay in Santa Maria di Leuca.

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