2014 in facts!!

Copenhagen to Santa Margherita (Genova) Italy in facts:

3399 km total

243 days

84 – landdage / days on land

159 – dage på vandet / days on the water

21,4 km – pr. dag på vandet i gennemsnit. / Average per day on the water.

31,4 km – på slæb / dragged behind a boat

265 km – bundet sammen som speedbåd / tied together as a speedboat

14 km – med motor tændt / travelled with the engine on

45 min /4 km – korteste dag på vandet / shortest day on the water

10 hour, 45 min, 47 km – længest dag på vandet / longest day on the water

68 km – længeste distance på en dag / Longest distance in one day

6 – tunneler / tunnels

4,8 km – længste tunnel / Longest tunnel

274 – sluser / lock gates

68 m. – største sluse op / biggest lock gate  up

20 cm. – mindste sluse op / smallest lock gate up

340 m – højeste punkt /highest point

7 km – max medstrøm / max with the current

2,5 km – max modstrøm /max against the current

3-4 m – højeste bølger / highest waves

13-14 m/s (27-28 knob) – kraftigst vind / highest winds

7 – lande / countries

1 – færrest overnatninger i et land: Monaco / Fewest night in a country: Monaco

115 – fleste nætter I et land: Frankrig / Most nights in a country: France

7 – overnatning i klubhus / nights in a clubhouse

1 – overnatning på vadehavet/ nights on the Waddenzee

2 – overnatninger i hotel/ nights in a hotel

6 – overnatninger på båd/ nights on a boat

59 – overnatning i en rigtig seng/ nights in a real bed

17 – overnatning på forskellige øer / nights on different islands

168 – overnatning i telt / nights in a tent

33 – gange i radio, avis eller TV / in the radio, press or TV

300 ml – Kun brugt af vores miljøvenlige opvaskemiddel /only used of our bio washing up liquid

Har snakket med 3 olympiske mester / talked to 3 olympic champions

400+ – gravet huller til toilet besøg / digged holes for toilet visits

Oprindelig plan/ original plan:

3547 km (vi kom ikke forbi Paris, derfor færre km / we didn’t go to Paris, that’s why we did fewer km)

22 km pr dag / per day

Ankomst til Santa Margherita (Genova) 10 november (ankom den 21 december) / Arrival in Santa Margherita (Genova) the 10 of November (came the 21 of December)


4 thoughts on “2014 in facts!!

  1. Top of the New Year to you all. Guessing by the number of facts in your “fact sheet” I gather you must still be in Holland with not much to do but catch up on the paper work. 🙂

    Going into the 68 meter deep lock must have been like going into the Grand Canyon! Betsey has already told me she doesn’t want to do that lock.

    Lars, we hope that your back is healing up nicely. Best wishes for rest of the journey.
    Chris and Betsey

  2. Here from Argentina our family follows you, keep going … after taking care of that broken back !!!

    1. Hi Marcos, what a great message to receive, we will. In about 1-2 weeks we’ll be back in Italy, to continue. Awesome to get a note all the way from Argentina. We love Argentina, one of the greatest experience was hiking in Fitz Roy National park. 🙂
      Life is Good, take care.

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