Merry Christmas

We are now in Holland. Beccause of the injury to my back I need to rest. It would not be safe for us to continue with my back in this condition. We have also been moved on from a beach by the police, and we had to find a solution. With help from local people and once again from the Italian Sailing Club, we have stored all our stuff and kayaks in Santa Margarita and we’ll continue our trip in 2-4 weeks time. Thanks for all the support, Life is ‘still’ Good!!

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Dears, we are happy to see you with smile .a sign stop you a moment to meet your family and christmas father follow you!!!!!!!!many many kisses from marseille .philippe and helene

  2. Hoi Lieverds

    Wat zijn jullie al ver, maar het gaat nu even niet helemaal goed begrijp ik.
    We hopen dat jullie een fijne kerst gehad hebben en alle goeds voor 2015 gewenst.
    groetjes, Tini en Wim de Waardt

  3. Hey Gang,
    Sorry to hear you suffered an injury to your back. Hopefully it wasn’t too serious and you will be back 100% to continue the adventure. We trust old Saint Nick was able to find you in Holland. Best wishes to you all for the coming New Year.
    Chris and Betsey
    Bateau Maggie May

    1. Thank you Chris and Betsey,
      lol the kids were a bit worried about that..
      We have to see how lars’ back goes, we hope to be back on the water next month. Your plans for Maggie next year sounds nice, maybe we see you in Holland at the end of the summer! Wishing you a wonderful 2015! Love Lars, Suzi, Tiuri and Liva

  4. Uha, det lyder ikke godt, hvad skete der ? Imidlertid dejligt at se, at I ellers har det godt og er naaet saa langt. Rigtig godt Nytaar fra Kurt og Bente, M.S. ASLAUG.

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