Calangue National Park!

Life is good follow us

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DSC_9361 On my morning walk, I was invited in for at cup of tea, by a local that has lived all of his live in the national park and had spended lots of time at sea. A really interesting home and stories from a man who calls himself a pirate 🙂 / Blev inviteret indenfor af en lokal mand, fik en kop tea, histoie fra havet og hans liv i national parken. Kalde sig selv for en pirat, spændende fyr!


DSC_9181 It’s hard to find a good place to have lunch 🙂 / Det er svært at finde et fint sted at have frokost 🙂

DSC_9294 Tiuri tried Philippes kayak and had everything under control / Tiuri prøvede Philippes kajak og havde alt under kontrol.

DSC_9345 Nice morning in Calangue National park / Flot morgen i Calangue National Park

DSC_9366 Our shelter in a small fishing village… / Vores camp i et lille hyggeligt havn….

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