Dave Cornthwaite – Say Yes More

Life is good follow us

This guy is awesome, he is doing 25 different expeditionsall 1000 miles long without a motor, the raise money and mostly because he wanted to change his life style. He also founded ‘Say Yes More’ a way of life. Not that you have to say yes all the time, but just say YES more, I like that. In many ways he is doing what we just started to do: To live our dreams!!

Den her fyr er fantastisk, han er i gang med et projekt som han kalder Expediton1000, 25 forskellige tur hver på 1000 miles eller mere og alle uden motor. For at støtte velgørenhed men mest for at ændre hans livsstil. Han motto er ’Say Yes More’ . På mange måder lever han, på samme måde som vi lige er begyndt at leve på: At udleve drømmen!!

Here are a few things Dave…

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