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Danish family kayak expedition travelling for one and a half years


The family expect to reach their goal on 18-10.

With the slogan Life is GOOD Follow Us! Written on their kayaks, Lars and Suzi and their two children have been travelling for one and a half years through Europe. In kayaks. They are now approaching their final destination: Istanbul.

On May 3rd, 2014, Lars Simonsen and Suzi Oud set out from Copenhagen, together with their children in two kayaks, with the goal of reaching Istanbul. In the course of their expedition, the family, including 7 year old Tiuri and 5 year old Liva, have experienced everything imaginable since turning their back on a the routine of daily family life, and throwing themselves into the project, the first of its kind.


Highlights from the expedition have included everything from kayaking with seals in Denmark, paddling through 274 canal locks in Europe, huge waves in the Mediterranean, and marathon sea crossings from Italy to Greece over 90 km with no land in sight.

One of the most memorable experiences occurred when the family was joined by a whale swimming beneath and by the side of the kayaks. “The kids couldn’t believe their eyes,” remembers Lars Simonsen. “It was a magical experience.”

During the course of the expedition, the family has enjoyed fantastic support and friendship, both online and on land. Families they have met along the way have invited them into their homes, introducing them to the hospitality and culture of their country. On the beach in Italy, television crews, local people and even the mayor have met them with pizza and champagne. Whilst in Monaco, the family was treated to a night in a luxury hotel, courtesy of the Monaco Yacht Club.

“It has also been a tough trip, from time to time,” explains Lars Simonsen. Examples of such include the time when one of the kayaks began to sink 20 km from land in 2 metre high waves, and when the family were forced to travel 114 km in 27 hours with no possibility of landing.

The family will return to Denmark from Turkey in an environmentally-friendly electronic car – continuing their adventure as they head for home.

When Lars and Suzi return to Denmark they plan to write a book, produce a documentary and hold illustrated talks about their fantastic journey, all the while planning the next family adventure.


Life is GOOD follow us!

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For interview please contact Lars Simonsen on mobile +45 41436145 (Turkish nr. +90 538 8653 782) or on mail: Expected arrival in Copenhagen around the 20 November 2015.